Slim Buttes Buffalo Ranch is owned and operated by Sandy and Jacki Limpert and their children, Brodie and Courtney. The third generation ranch has been home to the native buffalo for the past 15 years.
The ranch sits at the west slope of the Slim Buttes and is comprised of some of the most scenic, rugged and buffalo-friendly country in the region. The animals on the ranch thrive in this habitat and the Limperts feel fortunate to have them roaming the ranch's acreage.

Throughout the years, diligent culling practices have left the Slim Buttes operation with herd sires and mother cows that consistently produce some of the finest animals in the region. From the calf crop each year, they select the top end bull calves as herd sire prospects.

When the bull calves are yearlings, Sandy and Jacki proudly offer a select number of them for buyer's consideration. They sell the animals private treaty at the ranch. They feel these animals are the culmination of all their work and will fit into anyone's breeding program.

These bull prospects are put through a rigorous feed trail their first year, allowing the Limperts to select only the best animals to be sold for herd sire prospects. The bulls are performance tested, with weaning weights, weight gains on grass and weight gains on feed being used as the criteria for selection.

Finding another performance program as intense as the one at Slim Buttes Buffalo Ranch would be difficult. That's what sets them apart and has allowed the Slim Buttes bulls to gain the recognition they have. Producers from around the country have traveled to the remote western South Dakota ranch to select these outstanding animals.

For more information about their program or their yearling bull prospects, please contact Sandy or Jacki.